State Government Utilities & Infrastructure (RPO)

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From costly and time consuming to efficient and cost effective with significant brand reach. A story of RPO success.

Client Challenge

This State Government owned utilities corporation operated a recruitment model involving excessive low value activities that were costly and time consuming for their talent acquisition team. There was a lack of visibility and control of recruitment processes across the hiring program, and limited engagement with the employment market. This impacted access to readily available top talent for their workforce.

Key challenges included:

  • Limited brand awareness within the employment market

  • Lack of engagement with current technological platforms to streamline the recruitment solution

  • Limited success using traditional candidate sourcing strategies

  • Intensive administration tasks preventing Hiring Managers from driving quality outcomes for the organisation

  • Heavy reliance on Agency fulfilling recruitment requirements meant an increase in cost per hire

In their endeavour to overcome these challenges, this client opted to outsource their white and blue collar permanent recruitment.

ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions was selected to implement an onsite team to manage a full Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Solution. This successful partnership began in 2017 and continues today.


Firstly, we introduced an innovative multi-channel recruitment marketing and sourcing strategy via LiveHire, a talent community platform with AI capability. Implementing LiveHire enabled the client to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) and plug into all sourcing channels to build a ‘total talent pool’. The employer branded Talent Community has become the single, private destination of talent to source and attract diverse talent aligned to their purpose and culture. Secondly, our recruitment strategy transformation coincided with their technology transformation allowing us to showcase our true RPO capabilities, by planning, implementing and ultimately delivering a successful recruitment campaign for 111 new roles within nine months.

Some of the key elements introduced include:

  • Integration of the Talent Community platform with a technology stack that includes AI tools, video interviewing, video assessment and psychometric assessment and as such automating the hiring process;

  • A Talent Community Landing Page – employer branded – where candidates can easily join the community and register their interest;

  • A recruitment model built with the candidate experience in mind;

  • Continuous curation of Talent Pools via LiveHire identifying fit for purpose candidates and quickly moving them through to shortlist ready


  • The use of LiveHire has driven faster and more efficient results with the increase of requisition volumes and fulfilment rates, and cost per hire rapidly decrease;

  • The employer branded Talent Community population after 3 months was at 5,000, at 12 months it was at 23,000. Prior to our model there was no such visibility of the brand.

  • Significant reduction in Agency hires. In what was 100% agency hires prior to ManpowerGroup, the latest figures (April – June 2019) showed 8 Agency hires over the latest quarter outside of the RPO solution;

  • Employee initiated turnover has reduced from 8% to 6.1%;

  • Exceeded all diversity recruiting targets with respect to females

  • The client now has a recruitment program where their brand has enormous reach and they are attracting candidates from multiple sources, with candidates sourced via the talent community having the best ratio of shortlist to hire conversion.