Global Mining – Organisational Redesign and Leadership Development

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​Transforming leadership, people and business systems helped this client create a high performance organisation.

Client Challenge

This organisation was formerly part of a global organisation before becoming publicly listed as a separate Australian company. The independence created the need to build a modern fit-for-purpose performance based organisation - focused, profitable and capable of delivering the business strategy of true customer and shareholder value. This has been underpinned by a focus on 'Raising the Bar', aligning all people systems to business strategies, improving managerial performance, accountability and cost management and improving the focus on value-adding work. Right Management was engaged as a partner to provide project leadership and organisation architecture expertise to support this reform initiative.


Right Management developed and worked together with the client’s leadership team to deliver an overall change strategy to enable a 'whole' business transformation involving the:

  • Re-alignment of structure – reframing of the horizontal and vertical structure to develop requisite structure that reduced duplication of layers and ensured value-chain integrity.

  • Definition of the Leadership Framework – identifying the ‘right work’ of leaders by level, the capabilities and the accountabilities and authorities of leaders required to support the reform agenda.

  • Embedding the Leadership Framework – development and delivery of Managing in a Requisite Organisation Program to all managerial levels.

  • Assessment of leadership capability - assessment of leadership roles against key role requirements to identify talent capability and development requirements.

  • Systems to embed leadership – development of revised and new people systems including Work Performance, Career Development, Fair Treatment, Employee Communication, Executive Organisation Review, Managing Displaced Employees, Recruitment and Selection, and Sustaining the Requisite Organisation to reinforce desired behaviours.


  • Rise in shareholder value from $2.96 to $5.73 in 10 months

  • Visible excitement and determination about business performance and productivity improvement from the restructure

  • Step change in focus and capability of senior and mid-level managers to work at a strategic level

  • More rigour in the communication between manager and team members underpinning the establishment of more productive relationships

  • Development and renovation of 10 people management systems to embed leadership behaviours

  • The participation of 169 managers in a managerial leadership program has created a platform for trusted, consistent management practices