Diversified Australian Bank – Career Management and Transition

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Long-term employees impacted by restructure were supported with a scalable, turnkey solution that saved time and increased confidence.

Client Challenge

When 54 key employees were impacted by a significant restructure, this client sought to support individuals’ career planning. Critical considerations included:

  • Enabling long-term employees to make their decision to either apply for internal redeployment or seek external career opportunities.

  • Giving employees the tools and opportunity to understand what they really wanted and needed in their careers moving forward.

  • Enabling significantly tenured employees to engage in an assessment and understanding of their career-related strengths.

  • Providing employees with reusable career tools, knowledge, and resources to help them in ongoing career management.

  • In addition, the client desired a scalable, flexible turnkey solution that could be rolled out quickly and easily, with minimum time investment by HR personnel.


Right Management provided our career management program to all 54 impacted staff. Employees attended a career planning workshop and were afforded one-to-one coaching sessions with a Right Management consultant. Pre-work and assessments were available via the easy-to-use online platform. We also equipped the managers of the impacted staff with career coaching skills. This enabled managers to assist their employees with clarification of career direction and career decisions.


Participants reported:

  • 34% increase in their confidence for having career conversations with their managers based on specific interests, needs, values, and career strengths.

  • 28% increase in their confidence for selecting a job based on their specific interests, needs, values, and career strengths.

  • 33% increase in their ability to identify the interests that most contribute to their career satisfaction.

  • Of the 54 staff impacted, only those who had clear alignment to available roles applied for internal opportunities. Others left the organisation with a career map that would prove useful in making external career decisions.