Australian Energy Provider – Employee Engagement

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A strategic career management program transformed this client’s employee engagement, taking engagement levels to an all-time high.

Client Challenge

Following a demerger of its infrastructure assets, this leading energy company saw the emergence of low employee engagement levels in an overall engagement score of 38%—a rating deemed “serious” for the organisation. When their employee engagement survey identified career development as a critical driver for engagement, the business was encouraged to invest in career management for employees. Right Management was selected to bring demonstrated expertise to the development of a solution that would meet needs of both professional and technical populations.


Right Management designed the client’s program with a focus on career development and self-directed learning. We created separate delivery streams to meet unique needs of office-based employees and field-based employees in power stations. A customised web site facilitated program registration and supported on-line confidential assessments that were conducted as pre-work for workshops and career discussions. Our consultants provided 1:1 career coaching for employees and managers. In addition we prepared those managers for development discussions to ensure a solid and total career management process.


Our career management program was introduced as a pilot to 500 Merchant Energy Business Unit employees in, triggering dramatic changes in engagement for the unit and overall in the company:

  • Merchant Energy’s engagement score rose from 28% to 54% in the first year and to 68% in the second year

  • The overall engagement score rose from 38% to 50% in the first year, then to 56% in the second year

  • Delivery extended to Corporate, Merchant Energy, Upstream Gas and Retail Energy Business Units

  • After the program roll out to Corporate, engagement scores rose to a high of 72%

  • The Career Management driver score (36% before the program) increased to 43% in the first year and to 49% in the second year.

We were engaged to continue implementation of the solution into Corporate, Upstream Gas and Retail businesses across the following two years. When asked what Right Management does well in providing the solution, the client sponsor listed: “Excellent product and design…excellent account management…continuous feedback loop to client…on-line management of administration and logistics…and a depth of knowledge in organisational design and theory.”