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With 40+ years of experience delivering client-focused, technology enabled, innovative workforce solutions to the market, Talent Solutions delivers expertise across the talent lifecycle. To keep pace with rapidly transforming markets, organisations must create flexibility and agility around their operations. Organisations need a better strategy for how they attract, understand, manage and evolve their workforces requiring them to leverage data and technology in different ways.​ By combining the flexibility of our sourcing capabilities with our deep understanding of career management and mobility, we support workforce needs today and for tomorrow.

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Talent Solutions

Talent Solutions combines our leading global offerings RPO, MSP and Right Management to help organisations address their complex workforce needs. Talent Solutions leverages our deep industry expertise and understanding of what talent wants to provide end-to-end, data-driven capabilities across the talent lifecycle. From talent attraction and acquisition to upskilling, development and retention, we provide seamless delivery, leveraging best in breed technology, and extensive workforce insights across multiple countries at scale.

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